Thursday, 19 August 2010


I went to see Inception last night with Aydin. I think both of us expected this really awesome movie that would blow us away and make us feel like we need to watch it again. Well not so much.. me I almost fell asleep every other 10 minutes since I have gotten barely any sleep lately so therefore all my focus was on trying to keep myself awake. Poor Aydin...I  think I was the worst cinema date ever!

Bottom line... I think I need to watch it again!

Love M

6 worst things you can say to your man

I came across this really interesting article on how we women should think twice before we open our cute little mouths. American Cosmopolitan listed the 6 worst things you can say to your man:

1. "You are much better than all the idiots I have dated before"

YOU might think it is a compliment but apparently this is not a good idea since this leaves your boyfriend thinking that the problem the problem might be you AND that in a matter of time you will start thinking that about him aswell.

Solution: DO NOT MENTION YOUR EX AT ALL! (This is def. an advice that I will adapt!)

2. "Can you really afford that?"

You are not his mother and if your are just dating then it is really not your place to interfere. Back off, men are proud and they do not like to feel like a loser.

Solution: If you feel you need to discuss his finances, do it under neutral circumstances and not when he just invested in something that he thinks is really awesome!

3. "Relax, It does not matter that we are a tad bit late"

It is never popular to let people wait. By behaving like this your man might think that you do not care about him and this can leave him irritared.

Solution: Let him know you are sorry and that you know it is important for him to be on time and that next time you will plan better next time.

4. "My friend is amazing! You should really become friends with him"

This will make him feel as if you are trying to control his social life and it will also make him wonder if you will try and control other areas (which we normally try, right?). Another important detail is the fact that men do not like to know that other men in your life are great!

5. "I promised her not to say anything,but..."

Hold it right there. This might be a way to get closer to your man but apparently men do not like when you betray someones trust. Gossip is not a mans strong side...(??).

Solution: Obviously you need someone to share some secrets with so when you do it with your man make sure to compliment him by saying "I am only telling you this since I know I can trust you with keeping a secret".

Last but not least...

6. "Don't be silly, I haven not done that in years.."

Well ladies this aswell is not a good idea. This might come off as you being a really funny little thing back in the days and now you are not. This might make him feel as if your relationship might turn dull and boring.

Solution: Do not talk about the past - Make sure to focus on the present and what you like right now.

My conclusion: You can choose to think that this article is silly or just try and bare it in mind when you are dating. I think that both men and women say and do alot of silly, idiotic and not so thought through things, so we can just live and learn and try and be better while in a relationship with someone.

Love M

Sunday, 11 July 2010


I feel so incredibly nostalgic today. I love living in Istanbul a beautiful and unpredictable city, with fruits and berries of all kind. But home is where my heart is and one day our paths will cross again. When? I have no idea.

At the moment I am listening to 90’s Swedish hits and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Gyllene Tider takes me all the way back to the school trip we had to Vassarö and the tanned faces and the pop disco that was arranged in the evening for all the youngsters. Sommartider…… it is all nostalgia. It is all in the past, my childhood a time I will use as reference from now on.

Nostalgia, I love you!

First Sales meeting and then cake

Hey you all!

I had a great day at work..even tho I felt slow the whole entire day. My boss asked me to participate in the Sales/PS (professional services) meeting which is kind of a way for the team to update each other on what is happening with what companies and so on. Since I have gotten a new area of responsibility I might bee participating in the future but in a different role rather than the note taker. I just love my boss, he is the coolest!

Other than that the weather was terrible today with endless amount of rain but now all of a sudden its like we never fell out. We made up with the sun and the clouds are slowly disappearing.

So small update. Lelo can and Ahmet finally left Istanbul for their long sought for road trip, which I am unable to participate in since I am a working girl. But hopefully my little angel Lelo will come to Bodrum so fingers crossed! I just thought I would upload a picture of my 2 cuties =)




Have fun guys!

I am off to get ready to have a nice night out with the girls! Mwah


Love M

Sunday, 4 July 2010


Hey you all!

I thought I would update you guys on what has been going on lately in my life. As many of you already know I finally got an awesome job here in Istanbul so I am for definite staying put here. Following that I decided to move to my own place so at the moment I live in this really cool 2 floored flat with a huge terrace.

We are actually about 6 people in the house and it is such a nice feeling to be around people all the time. I have done up my room so it looks nice and fresh and used blackout curtain to ease my sleeping problem. So now I have a stylish but pitch black room which is obviously an amazing thing when I sleep.

These past 2 months have been amazing. I have met so many new people, seen new places and I have even eaten new foods. Strange! I have managed to change my whole life towards the right direction and whatever happened about 2 months ago could not have come at a better time.

I am looking forward to the crazy times I will have with Lelo Can (Leyla) and Ahmet Jo and the rest of the crew. Bodrum, Çeşme and a whole other bunch of places to visit this summer. 

Next important date is 15th of July. Destination: Bodrum.


Love you all deeply.



Needy Girl

So it is time for a come back to the world of blogging. I F-ing love my life. That’s my new life philosophy…you guys should do the same!

Love M

Friday, 14 May 2010

Some words....

You who know me well are aware that I am going through a really tough time right now. Therefore the will to write is not with me at the moment.

I am glad to have people around me that cares about me therefore I would like to say Thank you to all of you who have cared to call and support me (You know who you are).

I would also like to Thank all of you who have recently entered my life for the tender care and support. Specially Deniz.

In 2 hours I am most probably on my way to Şarköy =))

Remember, what does not kill you only makes you stronger.

Love M

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Maison Moschino

Why not stay fashionably when you are on the run? If you have your ways through Milano make sure to stay at the Maison Moschino, a design concept hotel with rooms to die for! Each and every room has its own interior characteristics interpreted in the Moschino style and I must say that when I have enough money that will be the first place to visit!

(Pictures taken from Husligheter)

“The common thread connecting the rooms is a fairy tale theme because to sleep is perchance to dream, and dreams are fairy tales that we are allowed to experience first hand, the fables of a fantasy world that we have created. This is an alternate life in which we direct and stage the scripts of our very own play. The hotel interior reflects Moschino’s distinctive style where the ordinary world is painted with a brush of surrealism.” 

Maison Moschino

What are you waiting for. Next trip: Milano!

Love M

Made to entertain


Top notch!

Love M

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

ASOS Glamazon






I do not know about you but this say’s a bit of Jungle/African/Glam fever to me. I would love to hop on this trend. Yumm!

Love M

Today’s Inspiration

Loving the fishtail tee and the Celiné clogs!
Love M

Saturday, 13 March 2010

I wish I could be….

Saturday chic


1.Get your feet out of those winter boots, start with the pedicure and invest, inspire and indulge in a pair of clogs.
2. Save money for the most awesome pairs of Clogs, which would be Chanel (as seen on Alexa Chung) but we all know us mortals can not afford those babies so I will give a few examples of what you can get instead and not put yourself in a personal bankruptcy.


1. Jeffrey Campbell ‘Charli-C’ clog $125
2. KG by Kurt Geiger ‘Hadassah’ clog £160
3. Vera Wang ‘Daisey’ clog $ 215
4. Kurt Geiger ‘Jola’ clog £150
These are the ones I really liked and felt had a reasonable price. Make sure to keep your eyes on the Zara clogs that are in the shops. Enjoy the inspiration!
Love M

Shutter my *

No Shutter Island last night. Why? No seats left because we are brain dead and do not reserve our tickets on a Friday screening.

Oh well, we sat down and started to think about what else we could do and I came up with the incredibly original idea to go to Cem’s and eat junk and watch a movie. His eyes lit up and he said ‘And I have this really awesome horror movie ready for us to watch’ little did we know that this movie would put us off so much that we could not even taste the delicious raspberry cheesecake that Burak bought.

We watched Martyrs, a french mystery-horror movie written and directed by Pascal Laugier. This movie is thought to be a new example of new era French horror films similar to À l'intérieur (English title Inside). Laugier builds on the horror part during the first part of the movie and practically leaves you with nothing but your face all creased and a discomfort in your stomach. Brilliant, quoting Cem. The rest of the movie is calmer but for some reason the fear of something grotty happening definitely lurked in the back of our heads. Need to remind that the rest of the movie brought enough discomfort to still not want to eat that delicious cheesecake. Its over 18 rated, it is grotty and it is a must see AND it is in French!


Martyr (Greek: Witness)


Love M

Friday, 12 March 2010

Last Train to Istanbul

For you who enjoy reading books and specially you who like Turkish literature make sure to add Ayşe Kulin’s book ‘Last Train to Istanbul’ to your reading list. I have only managed to get through about 40 pages, since I am reading the Turkish version, but I have really gotten found of it.

The book takes place during the World War Two and it is about a Turkish family who’s youngest daughter has moved to France to live with her Jewish husband. The parents did not approve of the marriage and therefore they have no contact besides the letters that are written between the older sister and the younger. The younger sister who moved to France in the hope of a better life is left unhappy and in stress due to the increased fear of getting caught by the Nazis and sent to a concentration camp. The book also tells the story about France and the Turkish diplomats who risked their lives in order to save hundreds of Jews stranded in Europe in the risk of being massacred by the Nazis. Basically this is a must read! Go on and get it!

Love M


I already took the chance to make plans with my friends and we have made the decision to go and see Shutter Island directed by Martin Scorsese. Stay tuned for critics later.


Love M

Back on track

I just arrived back in Istanbul. I had to walk all the way to my house since Varan, the bus company that me and Ömer’s mother came with has Çiftehavuzlar as last stop for their service bus from Ataşehir. Since I wanted to be economical I did not jump into a cab, which is something I would do normally seriously I thought the walk home would never end!

But the trip went really smoothly and me and Inci had a nice time talking about everything between heaven and earth. She has been a great support in this Kos matter. So a big thank you to her for making me feel better!

We ate food at Bolu Dağı and oh my my my it was so nice! Ömer I know for sure that you would have loved our lunch today ;)

Love M

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Should I or should I not?

I watched the movie Julie&Julia yesterday and I absolutely loved it. The message I feel it sent to me was that you should always do what makes you happy. For example the girl in the movie, Julie Powell, who the movie is based on works for a company  dealing with the after shocks of 9/11 where she sits in a cubicle all day every day. The irony is that she is stuck there when she actually wants to be a writer.

Therefore, the important message I have to my near and dear and for anyone who reads my blog. Take chances, take risks and you might see yourself in a much better place, or worse, but hey you at least tried so its a thumbs up for the effort made =)

So my problem is that I have been under a huge amount of stress when it comes to the development of my career, which frankly is not developing at all. I think this is due to me not knowing what it is that I want to do when I ‘grow up’. Do I want to design clothes? Do I want to live in a small village type place? Do I want a career in finance? Do I want a career in Fashion?

Well I have taken some major decisions and this means I am applying for my advanced studies and hopefully this will lead me into the right path (at least so I can pay my student loan off =). But I have been offered a job on Kos and everybody thinks I should take it but frankly I can not say that this offer is that convincing. What would I do there? Who would I hang out with? Where can I do my sports? I mean it is Kos, an island with no shopping malls. Yikes! Anyways I would appreciate some kind of sign good or bad, convincing or not regarding this matter. Help! I am lost.


Love M

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

I totally cut my hair

I forgot to write about my devious plan to change my looks oh well I will just show you the results instead.


I have much much much shorter hair now!

Love M

Sony 3D Home

How crazy is that? We will be able to enter the world of 3D while watching our favourite movies and playing games. That is what I call technological innovation. The release of the Sony 3D Home showed a 1% rise on shares on the Tokyo market so to me it seems it will be a hit in the Asian market (this is what I understood it as while watching BBC news but I might be mistaken and I can not find any sources).

Enjoy this short film about the new sensational Sony 3D home system.

Love M